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Bringing this record out has been an incredibly lengthy labour of love.

It all started when our friend Volker Langholz came to visit us out at the country house where we were living at the time - outside of Berlin in a microscopic village called Bergsdorf.

It was the early months of 2015 and Red Paper Flames had just been mastered. We were already busy at work on the next record (that's right, there's another one nearly finished), and Volker came out to help us document the recording sessions.

We talked a lot about our plans for putting out Red Paper Flames. This was our first full-length, and rather than just throw it online like we had the previous EPs, we were pretty set on making a real record. So we were toying with the idea of sending it around to some labels to see if anybody might be interested in helping us put it out.

At the same time, dreamers that we are, we were indulging several different fantasies about what to us would be the ideal way of putting the record out - from the creation of the object itself, to its ultimate release and distribution. In the position we were in, we realized the likelihood of an existing label enabling these fantastical ideas would be next to none. But it was still fun to think about.

A week later, Volker e-mailed out of the blue and shocked us with the nicest news we've ever received. He was inspired by the music and by the ideas we'd spouted about making records, and offered to personally finance a vinyl edition of Red Paper Flames, essentially become our guardian angel.

With this once in a lifetime opportunity being given to us, we quickly decided to go all out and, rather than simply put out a record and be done with it, we founded Montsou Records.

The idea was, and has remained, to create a label that will allow us to make records exactly how we feel they should be made, as well as to try and sell them in a way we're comfortable with. Being vinyl lovers and obsessive music fans ourselves, we decided it only made sense to try and incorporate into our approach every single aspect we've come to love about collecting records, and cast aside every aspect we don't.