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Dear Friend,

Montsou Records is a homegrown record label, established for the sole purpose of releasing and distributing the music of Carpet of Horses.

Our goal is to create beautiful, handcrafted music objects for those who revel in the small pleasures of buying records. We'll aim to do this by producing limited-only runs of meticulously detailed vinyl releases, alongside full-resolution digital ones.

If we manage to sell out of a vinyl edition, we'll go ahead and create another one. But each new edition will present the album in a different way, with new artwork and the like. In this way we hope to continually breathe new life into the music, while casting aside the lame notion of an album cycle. To our minds, records are timeless and deserve to be perpetually celebrated. We think this is a better and more far-sighted approach when the aim is to promote a body of work as it unfolds, rather than latching focus onto single moments in time.

Digitally, we also want to do things differently. Our music will be exclusively available through this website. No iTunes, no Spotify, no whatever else exists now before it gets replaced by something else. Five bucks for whatever format you like, including master-resolution files.

Our reasoning for this is simple: you pay way less than the going rate, and are rewarded with the highest possible quality product. You can also feel good knowing that such a low price has been made possible because every single dime goes directly to us, helping to fund the next record.

It might seem odd to found a label around such a small scale music project, but the benefit of doing it this way is that we can pour all of our resources into presenting and delivering this music to you in a completely uncompromising way. And who knows, we might even stand a chance of making a living by it.

Of course, we are a very tiny operation. So if you like the music and you like our ideas about bringing it out, please don't hesitate to get yourself one of these beautiful, handcrafted records. Every penny influences our chances of financing more music and putting out another release, which we very much look forward to doing.

Thanks, and happy listening!

Love, the Montsou family